Maintenance of security systems, technical maintenance of security systems in Moscow


To ensure that the site safety responsible serves as long as possible and does not fail at the most important moment, he must be carefully operated and regularly diagnosed for malfunctions.

Even the most reliable technology can fail due to the following factors:

  • Mechanical malfunctions – most often due to continuous operation over a long period
  • Human factor – breakdowns that occur due to improper actions of employees (deliberate change of parameters, inattention, ignoring of sensor signals, etc.)
  • Electrical failures (voltage fluctuations)
  • Natural pollution of devices – dust, water in lenses, microcircuits, etc.
  • climatic – operation in conditions of low/high temperatures and various precipitation

Timely diagnostics of the equipment allows revealing problems before they make the devices unusable. Thus, the quality of maintenance of security systems will eliminate the risk that the object will be left without security elements, and you will have to purchase and install new devices urgently.

Rodiyar Technology provides the following services:

  • Conducting scheduled scheduledscheduled maintenance of security systems at the facility
  • The departure of the emergency team to eliminate malfunctions and carry out technical repair of the equipment in case of its sudden failure
  • On-demand engineer visit, troubleshooting, equipment adjustment and adjustment, purchase and replacement of components
  • Provision of advice on the operation of equipment.

Rodiyar Technology employs highly qualified specialists with extensive experience. If you want your equipment to last a long time and not be a problem for you, trust its service to professionals!