Installation of remote security. The cost of remote security facilities in Moscow

Remote security

Remote control security is one of the most modern and budgetary ways to ensure safety in the territory of enterprises.

Rodiyar Technology has high-tech devices that are convenient and easy to install and operate, take up little space, do not require special equipment and long training of personnel.

Our specialists will thoroughly study the structure of your facility and prepare a project to install the most effective alarm systems.

The choice of a security desk system will save you from the presence of physical security and the remuneration of hired employees in the field.

At the same time, in the event of an emergency, the central monitoring station dispatchers immediately receive the signal and send a team to the site by the Rapid Response Team (RRT).

A team of armed guards will arrive on the territory of the controlled organization in the shortest possible time, which will prevent unauthorized entry and attempts to steal your property. Thus, it is not necessary to attract highly qualified specialists daily and pay them salaries permanently. It is enough to install warning devices and use them in case of threat of attack.

Remote protection has been chosen for many years by small, medium, and large businesses:

  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Banks and currency exchange offices
  • Notaries and law firms
  • Medical and educational institutions
  • Stores and warehouses
  • Sports clubs and beauty salons

This preference is due to a rational approach to security, an objective assessment of the possibilities of modern means of protection, and considerations of resource-saving (labor and financial).

Do you want to protect your assets and save your budget from unnecessary expenses? Order a project of remote protection from Rodiyar Technology specialists! Our task is to protect your interests!