Implementation of turnkey technical security systems

Project Management

The organization of a technical security system “turnkey” is an ideal solution for your business!

You do not have to order the services separately, and independently engage in the procurement of equipment, control the implementation of each stage of installation and delve into the nuances of certification.

The Rodiyar Technology team will take over the management of the project to ensure the safety of your facility.

We offer to use our experience and knowledge at all stages:

  • Planning and organization of work
  • Budgeting
  • Logistics
  • Harmonization of systems in regulatory bodies
  • Delivery of the finished project to the client

We will perform all tasks from receiving the application to submitting the finished object and accompanying it in the future.

The key stages of the project development are an audit, design, project approval, equipment purchase, installation, commissioning, and commissioning of the TSS complex at the facility.

You are engaged in business – we ensure its safety and your peace of mind!