Installation of security equipment in Moscow


Installation of special equipment at protected sites is an important step in ensuring safety. Installation of technical means of security means qualitative installation and installation of the whole complex of security systems and devices corresponding to the state technical requirements and peculiarities of the protected object.

With the proper installation of security equipment, all ITSO subsystems must work closely together.
Company Rodiyar Technology has qualified employees who have extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of security equipment.

We make installation of systems of any complexity:

  • Control, warning, and communication systems (CMS), which include the automated workstations (AWS) of control operators integrated into the security information network by the staff of management bodies and security organizations. The CMS provides information unity of the TSB elements.
  • Access restriction systems (ARS), mainly including perimeter control equipment, as well as power and life support for security personnel (lighting, heat ventilation, radiation monitoring, etc.)
  • Alarm and fire alarm systems (STOPS) is a set of detectors, specialized means of communication, and monitoring of alarm, security, and fire conditions.
  • Security and access control systems for access to security facilities (ACS), which record the access of personnel and vehicle
  • Security systems (with automatic issuing of alarm messages) television surveillance (COTN). This is the most informative and effective TSB subsystem. COTN, among other things, provides the opportunity for objective registration and retrospective analysis.

Stages of the work:

  • Organization of the central console
  • Installation of security devices on site
  • Installation of information transmission devices
  • Setting up equipment and performing test checks of ITSO
  • Troubleshooting and putting the system into operation
  • To ensure that the safety equipment functions smoothly and efficiently, order installation services from Rodiyar Technology!