Design and installation of integrated security systems in Moscow


Security systems include several types of security equipment, which are combined into a single effective complex to protect the object from various losses and risks.

The engineering design of technical means of security is a unique development, which is made for a particular object taking into account the wishes of the client, the characteristics of the object itself, and the objectives of the security system. At the stage of designing an integrated ITSO system, the foundation is laid for the construction of a future facility security system. Designing complex systems ITSO includes some basic stages:

  • A preliminary survey of the object
  • Development of the design specification in cooperation with the client;
  • design of the main components of the future system at the level of the basic scheme and coordination of preliminary results
  • system cost estimation
  • Issue of design and working documentation, its coordination with interested departments

The Customer receives the following documents based on the results of the work performed:

  • The detailed structure of the security system with a description
  • A scheme of location of technical facilities at the facility and adjacent territory
  • An estimate listing all the devices, their number, cost of equipment, installation, and maintenance.

Additional items may be added to the project by agreement.

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