Security audit of any organization or enterprise, the cost of auditing security systems

Object audit

This service includes an assessment of the current state of the security features and recommendations for their improvement.

Rodiyar Technology’s qualified experts are thoroughly examined during the audit:

  • The protected site and its features
  • the safety technology and systems used, their status and capabilities
  • Tasks of the security system and conditions of its operation
  • documentation and level of knowledge of the staff

Acquaintance with operating systems of safety of the organization occurs with the observance of the strictest confidentiality.

The audit of technical equipment must be carried out regularly because the electronics are worn out and out of date, the warranty periods are running out, the devices break and can fail at any time.

Besides, it is necessary to invite an outside specialist, when the fact of illegal intrusion into the object, breaking into the security system, damage to property is recorded. In case the equipment fails periodically, needs repair – a comprehensive inspection will allow giving an independent assessment of the risks before they occur.

The audit consists of several stages (depending on which security systems are used at the facility). Experts Rodiyar Technology assess:

  • security television system
  • perimeter security system
  • access control system
  • security alarm
  • control, warning and communication system
  • status of the entire ITSO complex

Based on the results of the audit, the customer receives a detailed report with recommendations to improve the current security system at the site. The company’s specialists are ready to select the necessary equipment and calculate the cost of repair or modernization.

Ordering a comprehensive security audit is your first step to the safety and security of your business.